Lift Services

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Heavy lifting requires more than a strong back; are you up to the task?

When installing new flooring in today's highly specialized and high tech commercial environments you can run into many obstacles.

Don't let modular furniture, retail fixtures or library stacks be an obstacle.

In a normal installation, all of these items need to be manually lifted and moved, often taking long periods of time to complete, with disruptions to your customers and employees. With a professional lift system, renovations are virtually invisible to customers and employees and practically painless for facility managers. Except for protecting breakables, there is no need to pack office cubicle contents. Our specialized lift equipment will lift modular office furniture in place to facilitate the removal and replacement of your old carpet.

Due to their efficiency, lift systems are now used for several different types of flooring applications. As a member of the Starnet® Worldwide Commercial Flooring Partnership, GreatFloors® is pleased to offer Liftman™, Starnet's® proprietary lift system.

Liftman™ is designed for lifting retail gondolas and library stacks. Liftman™ speeds up flooring jobs in these business environments by days - if not weeks. Because, with Liftman™, there is no need to dismantle or empty displays to move them, and there is no damage to store merchandise or library stacks during the move. Liftman™ simply picks up the entire display, moves it out of the way. When the new floor is installed Liftman™ is used to move the display back. The job is done, all in one piece and in one smooth motion.

Specialized, efficient, and safe lift systems. A key piece of the flooring process and another solution GreatFloors® brings to the table as a full service, fully experienced flooring company!