Concrete Repair & Moisture Remediation

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At GreatFloors®, we recognize that a floor is only as good as the surface under it. The lack of floor preparation, improper or defective workmanship and moisture in concrete substrates are the leading causes of flooring failure. This results in a host of issues, costing billions of dollars annually in damage, downtime, repair and replacement.

At GreatFloors® we realize the importance of proper floor preparation. Frequently, floors and substrates must be leveled, smoothed or completely repaired prior to the installation of the floor covering. We have the capability and expertise to repair floor substrate problems. GreatFloors® will install your floor in strict accordance with the manufacturer's recommended installation procedures, to guarantee that your floor remains warranted.

Just because your substrate has been prepared correctly does not mean that it is ready for floor covering. Your substrate, regardless of when it was installed is tested for excessive moisture or water vapor. Testing at the time of installation will ensure that your subfloor was suitable for the installation of your floor covering at the time the test was done; but does not guarantee you will not encounter problems down the road.

Did You Know?

  • Improper floor preparation and moisture in concrete are the leading causes of flooring failures.
  • 90% of commercial flooring litigation cases focus on water related damages.
  • Only 1.5% of the typical building budget is dedicated to waterproofing.
  • High moisture or vapor emissions contribute to mold and mildew.
  • Residual moisture in the slab from the original concrete pour can move towards the surface unless properly cured.
Moisture Remediation

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