Issaquah Middle School
The new Issaquah Middle School was built to replace the former 40-year-old school by the Issaquah School District. The rapidly growing school district in suburban Seattle wanted the new middle school to be built adjacent to Issaquah High School so the students could have access to some of the high school facilities and resources. Their goals for the project included designing an environmentally and economically responsible structure similar in design to the high school, and a facility that the students and teachers would take pride in as a learning and working environment. The former middle school was the open exterior hallway campus design, but the new campus incorporated interior corridors. In order to keep the noise level down the design team at Mahlum Architects incorporated Johnsonite 2'x2' rubber tile in the corridors which also are easy to maintain and very quiet. The classrooms incorporate Mannington Carthage carpet also due to the sound absorption and the pattern hides soiling between cleanings and is also easy to maintain. The owners had a special challenge in constructing the new middle school in that it had to be built within fifteen feet of an existing elementary school, which is scheduled for demolition in a few years. The music room of the elementary school is closest to the middle school so the architects had to incorporate sound absorbing features in the design.