KADLEC Medical Center
The KADLEC Medical Center North Tower expansion was added and designed to meet the needs of the fast growing Tri-Cities area. This four-floor addition was added onto an existing six-story building. Now standing at ten stories tall, it is the tallest building in the Tri-Cities. This project had many challenges, as we could not disrupt day-to-day operations at the hospital. Access, deliveries, parking, and material storage were major obstacles to overcome on this project. Once inside, we had an entirely new set of obstacles to overcome, specifically the 7th floor, which previously served as the roof. That was now going to be covered with resilient flooring and used as patient rooms. Using Ardex levelers we obtained a surface within the tolerances needed for resilient flooring. The installation and design for Mannington sheet vinyl was also very technical as every patient room and common space had an accent vinyl inlay. The project looks outstanding and Great Floors is proud to be part of such a significant project for the Tri-Cities and surrounding area.