Meydenbauer Center
Meydenbauer Center is the second largest convention facility in the Greater Seattle area and is a full-service center and theatre serving conventions, corporate and the performing arts in Bellevue, Washington.

The challenge was to transform the Center Hall Lobby with a more hospitable yet tech-forward ideal that matches the innovation and sophistication Bellevue is known for.

The architectural concept developed from the idea of hospitality and the urban jungle. The existing building has extraordinary light pouring in from the very top of the four story canyon where all meeting rooms look down into. When the light cascades down, it tends to disperse and get dark. Our goal was to bring more light and drama down to the bottom and feature a bold dynamic pattern that can be seen from any floor in the building. A custom pattern was the only option to uniquely brand the building. The custom pattern was derived from a hand sketch of Deb Wolf, a designer at LMN Architects. The design brought a light element that filters through the architectural jungle and disperses the forest floor fracturing into a faceted theatrical pattern. It is perfect for day or night events.

Seeing thousands of people per year, the carpet in the facility needs to be not only beautiful but must keep in mind scale, pattern repeat, durability and above all maintainability. Due to the four story viewing range the pattern is BIG which crosses multiple meter by meter tiles. Settling on a 16 tile repeat, Milliken’s In Code system for easy identification using a black light and a full stock room of replacements just in case. The pattern was so successful the client requested that it extend into the 30,000 sq. ft. exhibition hall changing color but never breaking the pattern and overall effect.