Great Design Begins with Great Floors

At Great Floors our mission is to be the premier specialty floor covering dealer in the United States. We pride ourselves in providing superior customer service to our clients with the most highly trained, service oriented associates in the industry. We strive to be innovative and provide a safe and secure working environment for our employees, while always seeking opportunities for growth and market share. We believe that there is no challenge so great that it cannot be met by asking one simple question "What is best for our customer?"


"Trifles make perfection, and perfection is no trifle."

A process driven approach to delivering outstanding results for our clients.

Design Consultation

Our Professional Design and Consultation services are available to assist you. We begin by working with you to develop an in-depth assessment of your project's budget, product and service needs.
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Product Selection

Our experienced service professionals will evaluate your new or existing facility and make recommendations for a personalized interior environment solution. At Great Floors, we have access to a complete range of premium flooring products allowing us to develop the proper combination necessary for your project.
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Project Management

From asbestos abatement to professional safety practices, our service professionals will insure your project is completed on time and within budget
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Great Floors installation expertise goes way beyond just carpet and hardwood flooring. Our workforce of installers know how to install a complete range of industrial and specialty floor products to cover just about any surface.
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Job Site Solutions

Does your project require something out of the ordinary? Concrete moisture remediation? Lift services? Warehousing? We can go on and on, but chances are if your project has some challenging conditions, Great Floors is ready to handle it.
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At Great Floors, we believe in Environmental Responsibility. Our approach to sustainability goes beyond reclamation. It means choosing better-performing products, then installing them and maintaining them properly. With our approach, your old floor may be put back to work, instead of becoming part of the landfill. Ask us about our Reclamation Programs, we are proud to share them with you!
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Your facility reflects the image of your organization, is it saying what you want it so say? Our maintenance services keep your environment looking and feeling new. Great Floors Maintenance Programs are designed to maintain the appearance of any type of flooring regardless of when it was installed, which maximizes your investment and reflects positively on our organization.
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